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2 Guanyin  Amulet +  2 concealed  觀音 護身符2個+2隨身符  

These Amulrt are offered by ​Lungshan Temple 台北艋舺龍山寺

The God is Bodhisattva Guan Yin 觀世音菩薩


In Eastern folk beliefs, amulets can bring good luck to the owner or protect the owner from bad luck and evils. The amulet of Taoism is made from major talisman of different temples. Amulets provided here are for safety purpose.

The amulet obtained from the temple is a kind of sacred object that symbolizes the Gods in the temple, and also has the ability to deter evil spirits. If the believer is in crisis, the temple God will sense it through the safety amulet and protect the believer with the amulet. 


Carry it with you or hang it on the front of the car, you can wear the amulet on your chest or put it in your wallet or purse. If you feel uneasy when you go out for accommodation or in the ward, you can take out the amulet and put it on the bedside. It can expel evil spirits. If you are driving in the wilderness late at night, you can take out the amulet and put it under the front window to ensure safe driving.

Our amulets are obtained from the most representative temples in Taiwan with the consent of the gods. and blessed by the Gods of each temple. The amulets of each temple have the same divine power. All net income from selling amulets will donate to the temple for palace maintenance or charitable p