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2 Yama Talisman for House  包公鎮宅符2張

These talismans are offered by ​Haichin Bao Temple 雲林海清宮包公廟

The God is Yama, King of the Hell. Bao Gong 閻羅天子包公


Yama Protecting TalismanIt is specially used for the safety of the house. The Yama Protecting Talisman can be pasted vertically on the wall facing the front door of the lobby. The wall must be clean. The height need to above all people in the house. It can drive the evil spirits out of the house, prevent evil spirits from invading the house, and protect the safety of the family and the home。

Our talismans are offered by the most representative temples in Taiwan with the consent of the gods. and blessed by the Gods of each temple. The talismans of each temple have the same divine power. All our net income from selling talisman will donate to the temple for palace maintenance or charitable purposes.


閻羅天子鎮宅符 專用於鎮宅平安,可將大片型鎮宅符正向垂直貼在貼在主要大廳面對前門的牆上,牆壁必須乾淨,將大片型鎮宅符正向垂直貼在牆上高度須高於屋內所有人的身高,這樣可將屋內邪靈趕出屋外,並可阻擋邪靈入侵屋內,保護家人及住家平安。