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7 Guanyin Talisman 觀音淨符7張  

These talismans are offered by ​Lungshan Temple 台北艋舺龍山寺

The God is Bodhisattva Guan Yin 觀世音菩薩


Guanyin Exorcism Talisman, also known as the Bodhisattva "Six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra" “Om ma ni pad me hum”  (唵、嘛、呢、叭、咪、吽). It is also referred as the most adapted and popular mantra to repel the negative energy, deflect evil influences, and turn away harm under the belief of Buddhism, Toism, and Asian folk religions.

The Guanyin talisman is a commonly practiced ritual in the Eastern tradition, as a good luck sacred, to ward off bad luck, protect yourself from misfortune influences and/or of apotropaic properties to avert harm. The most common practice is to paste the Guanyin Talisman on front of your door or all entrances to create a protective barrier between your house and the outside evils.


Our talismans are offered by the most representative temples in Taiwan with the consent of the gods. and blessed by the Gods of each temple. The talismans of each temple have the same divine power. All our net income from selling talisman will donate to the temple for palace maintenance or charitable purposes.




我們的護身符咒是由台灣最具代表性的廟宇經神明同意後取得. 並由各廟宇過火及