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Item: Australia 80 Sandalwood Coil Incense - 1.5hr*40 pcs


Four Guarantees

1 Safe to use with natural flavor

2. Grounded 100% natural aloes wood.

3. No dyeing, no pollution.

4. Do not mix with any chemical materials.


Origin of Sandalwood

Australia and India is famous for producing spices all over the world, and the sandalwood produced in India is the best quality, and it is especially lush on the highlands of 600 to 2,400 meters in South India, which has the inherent name of "Old Mountain Sandalwood". This product is the best High-quality sandalwood tree roots and grounded into powder without adding any artificial flavors.


Sandalwood Features

The fragrance is mellow, soft and pure, warm and clean. The elegant fragrance refresh your breath. The fragrance lasts for a long time.

Balance the mind, body, and spirit. Calm down your mind. Relieve psychological pressure. Purify the room. Brings good luck and avoid evil.


Ingredients: Sandalwood. phoebe bark(resin).

Quantity: 40 pcs

Color: primary color

Burning time: 1.5 hours

Shelf life: 10 years. The longer it stored, the better mellow it will be.

Manufacturing: Fushan Sandalwood Taiwan Factory. Made in Taiwan

Quality: SGS CNS inspection is qualified. Product liability insurance is insured


項目: 西澳老山80 盤香精裝盒 - 1.5hr*40 pcs



1 天然原味安心使用

2. 100 %天然沉香木研磨而成

3. 不染色 無汙染

4. 不摻任何化學材料






香味醇厚. 柔和純正. 溫暖清香. 沁入心脾. 淡雅香韻. 香味經久不散.

平衡心.身..靈. 冷靜思緒.紓解心理壓力. 淨化空間.引吉避邪.


成份: 檀香木.楠木皮(黏).

數量: 40片

顏色: 原色

燃燒時間: 1.5小時

保存期限: 長期保存 .存放越久越香醇.

生產製造: 富山香業台灣廠 Made in Taiwan

品質保證: SGS CNS檢驗合格. 有投保產品責任險

Australia 80 Sandalwood Coil Incense 西澳老山80 盤香精裝盒 - 1.5hr*40 pcs

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