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※Commonly used scriptures in temple ceremonies
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brief introduction

    "Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance" is a repentance method used by the Tang dynasty Wuda national master who met the Venerable Ganoga to wash his face with samaya water and eliminate the long-standing wrong karma. This is the most popular and convenient way to repent of karma and resolve repentance.

The content of   Shui confession consists of three volumes, the first, the second and the second. It is aimed at resolving the unjust and resolving the problems and eliminating the sins of the past. It has the meaning of reflection and awakening. Sincere confession can confess the karma, relieve the karma, return to the supreme bodhi, and have immense merit!

Merit and benefit

(1) Eliminate long-standing misconduct   (2) Eliminate pain   (3) increase happiness
(4) Break through the ignorant barrier (5) Undead rises above the sky (6) Eliminate disasters

Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance (three volumes)

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