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Plantbakeryu bracelet can expel evil, avoid evil spirits, and gather wealth.

Plantbakeryu  is a feng  shui plant or a body-protecting plant for exorcising evil, avoiding and removing evil spirits. It is widely used, commonly known as "evil-eliminating grass". Many people in Japan like to place auspicious plants in their homes and make them into unique ornamental bonsai. People also believe that It has the effect of avoiding evil.

Plantbakeryu bracelet Its unique characteristics can protect the body from evil, suitable for people who often travel and working outdoors, especially newborns. Carrying a Plantbakeryu bracelet can cleanse and remove filth and enhance self-protection. Take it with you wherever you go and be prepared.

Our Plantbakeryu bracelets are made by Hong Shentao, an artisan at the Taiwan National Traditional Art Center, using pure Plantbakeryu roots that have been grown for many years. They are hand-crafted, and each size and curvature are slightly different, and there may be slight differences in wood grain or small black holes. It is a normal phenomenon of natural rhizomes. In order to maintain the anti-evil effect of the rhizome of Plantbakeryu, the beads are not polished and oiled to maintain a stronger anti-evil function.



茉草手鍊  收煞 除厄去邪 聚財

茉草是驅邪、避陰、去煞的風水植物或護身植物, 被廣泛使用, 俗稱「避邪草」, 日本許多人喜愛在居家內擺設吉祥植物, 將之做成獨特的觀賞盆景,民眾亦深信有避邪作用.

茉草手鍊  其獨有的特性可避邪護身,適合經常旅行、外出的朋友,尤其是新生兒。 攜帶茉草手鍊能潔淨除穢,提升自我保護力。 隨身攜帶,有備無患。

我們的茉草手鍊是由台灣國立傳統藝術中心藝師 洪深滔 用成長多年的純正茉草根莖製作而成的、手工琢磨,每個大小、弧度略有不同會有些許木紋差異或細小黑洞、都是天然根莖正常現象。為了維持艾草根莖的避邪效果,練珠沒有拋光上油以保有更強的避邪功用。

Plantbakeryu Root Bead Bracelet 18+1 pcs 茉草根珠手環 18+1 顆