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※Common scriptures in temples
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brief introduction

       There are six Chinese translations of "Diamond Sutra", and the one translated by Master Yao Qin Kumarajiva is the most widely circulated. According to the textual research of Jiang Weinongjushi, there are a total of five eight thirty seven characters. This book has been re-edited and printed based on the Kumarajiva translation. If there are any differences between the texts of Longzang, Taishozang or Jiangweinong, they are marked with notes for reference.

   aims to describe the emptiness and compassion of Mahayana Buddhism, teach the Buddha how to get rid of things and resolve all worries; and use the wisdom of vajra to see the mind, be free and unobstructed, and become a Buddha consciously.

  Diamonds are strong in nature and are not damaged by others. Prajna means wisdom. Paramita is the meaning of reaching the other shore and consummating the end. Therefore, the Vajra Prajna Paramita means "in the words of the Buddha, the great wisdom that is immortal and indestructible, as far as the other shore is concerned, it is perfect."

Vajra Prajna Paramita

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