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​Gongtian Palace     白沙屯拱天宮媽祖廟

Mazu, Our Lady of Heaven  天上聖母 媽祖

Mazu is one of the most popular goddess in Taiwan. Tianshang shengmu (天上聖母) is one of her religious title. Mazu was a woman named Lin Mo (林默) originally in Song dynasty. It is believed that Mazu had talents on thaumaturgical ritual. When she was alive, people believed that she saved sailors when they were in shipwreck. After she was dead, people worship to her for blessing. By 1123, Lin Moniang as a goddess in popular religion was titled officially. Mazu was as a sea goddess worshiped by people and sailor. Apparently, Mazu transformed from a sea goddess to a farm goddess.  臺灣最普遍信仰的神衹之一,也是臺灣的第一女神。媽祖本名林默,因是女性,所以稱為默娘。傳說生前就有法術,在生前便有海上救難的靈驗事蹟。自1123年(宋宣和5年)以來,歷朝敕封不下30次。媽祖最初本是海神,在台灣 媽祖已由海神信仰轉為農業神和水利神的性格。

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