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Expel off evil DIY

​自 助 驅 邪

Expel off evils DIY   自助驅邪法

Why encounter evil spirits and evil spirits invasion?

When people's mind are invaded by demons or evil spirits, their physical appearance usually shows haggard face, lack of energy, inexplicable weakness, dull eyes, auditory hallucinations, random speech, abrupt and strange body movements, fear of panic, behavior of not daring to enter temples or houses with protecting talisman, and the severe cases have suicidal thoughts often. Generally speaking, there are four factors for evil spirits to invade the human body: 1. Health, 2. Cause and effect, 3. Karma, 4. Haunted house or location.

1. Health: In addition to being unhealthy physically, there is also unhealthy mind. Some people are born with special constitutions, or are sensitive to nerves due to environmental factors, or are more sensitive to diseases. People with severe illnesses are also prone to intrusion by evil spirits. People who often have evil thoughts in their mind are also prone to be invaded by evil spirits to take away their spirituality and energy.

2. Cause and effect: There may be some causal relationship between a person and a spirit, and some ghosts may have some wishes and need help from others, and they will seek help from someone with a karmic relationship. Some ghosts are produced from personal invocation of ghosts like, black magic, dish fairy..... etc. to summon ghosts and evil spirits. There are also people who venture into evil places for fun, causing evil spirits to haunt them and cause bad consequences.

3. Karma: Individuals who are troubled by karmic spirits due to various evil karma in the present or previous life are called karmic creditors. The karmic creditors come because of personal bad karma, and it is legal to collect debts in the spiritual world. If this is the reason, you must visit the temple to ask the Gods for help, use Taoist or Buddhist master to reconcile with the karmic creditors with peace. The method of forced eviction is invalid.

4. Haunted house or location: There are evil spirits in bad location, often because of bad accidents or suicide that happened in these places before, and the souls are unwilling to leave. There is a reason why the evil spirits in these bad location cannot be driven away. The haunted house or location should not be interfered. In bad locations, senior Taoist and Buddhist masters must be invited to assist in the practice of saving the soul, people should leave away the bad location. It it is a house residents should move out the place.

The objects and limits of exorcising evils DIY

Taoist exorcism has the means of "reconciling, sweeping, suppressing, descending, and killing". Reconciling means non-aggression after reconciling with evil spirits, and sweeping means driving out evil spirits so that they dare not approach the residence or the body. Suppressing is to use magic tools to suppress evil spirits so that they cannot leave the barrier. Descending to ask the righteous gods to subdue evil spirits and demons to become the guardian of the gods. Killing means to get rid of or destroy evil spirits so that they do not exist in the spirit world. The exorcising products on this website are only suitable for "sweeping" to drive out evil spirits so that they dare not enter the residence or the body. For other exorcism methods, you must ask the Gods for help or ask senior Taoist and Buddhist masters to handle it.

Basic elements of exorcism DIY

1. The physical condition of spell caster must be healthy and strong.

2. The spell caster must be energetic and with progressive mind.

3. The spell caster must wear an amulet on the body for self-protection.

4. The spell caster must be completely fearless in their mind, strong will, and concentrate on reciting the names of Gods, Buddha and Bodhisattvas and mantras.

5. The use of spell method must start with the minor method, if it is not effective, then gradually change to the heavier method,

6. If the treatment is invalid after several trying, you must ask the Gods for help or ask a senior Taoist or Buddhist master to deal with it.

The method of exorcising evil spirits shared by Buddhist and Taoist


Minor Spell method of Buddhist and Taoist

Using Guanyin Exorcism Talismans and Amulets

Find a clean place with sunlight that can shine on the victim. Ask victim stand facing the sun and head up. The spell caster puts the Guanyin talisman in his palms together, intending that the body is become hot and bright, and sincerely invite Bodhisattva Guan Yin to come. Focus with clear and powerful mind. Recite the Six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra(Om Ma Ni Bä Mê Hum) several times, and then use the Guanyin talisman to pat the victim's back for more than 30 times, and then put the Guanyin talisman on victim. You can also hold the amulet of the predestined God, concentrate your mind and ask the predestined God to come to help the victim, then use the amulet to pat the back of the victim more than 30 times until the victim is conscious, and then hang the amulet on the victim. The light mantra  (Six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra) is the subtle heart of Bodhisattva, the Guanyin talisman and the righteous God amulet both have the function of exorcising evil spirits. ​(This method has been proved to be effective by people who can see the spirits)

Common Spell method of Taoist

Use the Wuji exorcism talisman to command the body

The method and procedure of using Wuji exorcism talisman to command the body are as follows:

Find a clean place with sunlight that can shine on the victim, ask the victim to stand (or sit) naturally facing the sun and head up.

Take seven pieces of Wuji talisman, fold them vertically in half with the mantras facing inwards, stretch them slightly, and clamp the tails with two fingers to ignite at the head of the talismans

The spell caster stands in front of the victim, and spreads his arms to call "The universe Heaven, all the Gods order to drive out the bad things of the victim"

In order for those victim: 1. Head 2. Chest 3. Abdomen 4. Left upper body 5. Left lower body 6. Right upper body 7. Right lower body 8. Back 9. Back lower body etc. Draw three circles on each Wuji Talisman. Finally, use the talisman to knock three times on the head behind the victim to complete.

The caster needs to move quickly to avoid burning fingers, and after the spell is cast, the amulet must be completely burned with fire.

Talisman ashes cannot be poured into toilets or sewers. The most respectful method is to pour them into rivers or streams, or into clean places outside.

This "Taoist Wuji Exorcism Talisman" has been blessed by the Gods of Taichung Tenmu Temple, bypassing the incense burner and has taken effect, please try to use it within one year. (This method has been commonly used for hundreds of years)

Intensified Spell method of Taoist

Sweeping away evil spirits by "Tiandesao"(universe sweeper)

The traditional eastern handmade brooms are traditional palm tree brooms, pampas grass brooms, and bamboo brooms, which are believed to have the functions of warding off evil spirits and clearing away bad luck. Taoism recognizes that the traditional broom has magical effects, and has the function of chasing evil and avoiding evil. The taboo of Tiandesao is to "buy doubles but not singles". "Tiandesao" cannot buy single piece.

Tiandesao exorcism method:

1. Put "coarse salt" or "rock salt" into a small container, then pour half of raw cold water and half of hot boiled water, stir well to prepare yin-yang water (exorcism water).

2. If it is to remove evil spirits in the house, before using the Tiandesau to spell, you must remind the ancestor spirits and house Gods to get out of the way. The Tiandesau is harmful to them.

3. Hang a Guanyin talisman or amulet on the wrist and hold the Tiandesau, dip the end of the Tiandesau with yin-Yang water, sprinkle the yin-yang water in the room, sweep outward gradually from the innermost corner of the house, and sweep out spirits away outside the door.

4. If it is to clear the evil spirits stuck in the body of the victim, use the end of Tiandesau to dip the yin-yang water, and sprinkle it on the front, back, up and down of the victim's body. (This method has been proved to be effective by people who can see the spirits)

Enforced Spell method of Taoist

Sprinkle "salt-rice exorcism water"

Salt and rice water contains qi and electrolytes, which are like "lightning and flint" to spirit bodies which has qi and micro-electricity essence, and can be used to eliminate evil spirits and exorcise demons. Use "coarse salt" and "rock salt" for salt, and try not to use refined salt at home. For white rice, you can use "safe rice" that has been blessed by the gods in the temple. Put the salt and rice into an empty bowl, pour in yin-yang water (half hot boiled water, half raw cold water) to mix, and recite the Six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra(Om Ma Ni Bä Mê Hum) when doing it. Dip the salt-rice water directly with your fingers and sway upwards, sprinkle the salt-rice water in every corner of the home to protect the people in the house from being disturbed by evil spirits. Or sprinkle it on the front, back, up and down of the victim's body. (This method has been proved to be effective by people who can see the spirits)

Taboo on using salt-rice water 1/ Shout before sprinkling salt-rice water

Before sprinkling salt-rice water for spelling, it is necessary to remind the ancestor spirits and family gods to get out of the way. For them, salt-rice is harmful. Before sprinkling, politely ask the spirits to leave. The action of reminding them to leave before sprinkling salt-rice water must never be short.

Taboo on using salt-rice water 2/Should clean the house

After spelling the house with salt-rice water, do not pour the salt-rice into the toilet and flush it away. It must be poured into the river or sprinkled outdoors where there are no pedestrians. Never fall outside your home or on the sidewalk at will. Clean up inside of the house before moving in to avoid foul smell.

​Powered Spell method of Taoist

If the above methods are ineffective, please ask a senior Taoist master or a reputable psychic to do this to transcend evil spirits.

Common Spell method of Buddhist

Reciting Buddhist scriptures

In the secular world, the methods of Medicine Master Liuliguang Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva are generally the most effective. Concentrate and sincerely recite the classics "Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Universal Gate", "Pharmacist Liuliguang Tathagata Original Vow Merit Sutra", "Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Original Vow Sutra" All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have many magical powers to exorcise demons, drive away evil spirits, or save evil spirits Evil spirits, many evil spirits cannot be disturbed and bad things gradually dissipate.

​Powered Spell method of Buddhist

If the above method is invalid, please ask the great virtuous and eminent monks to practice it to transcend evil spirits


當人遭遇邪魔惡靈侵擾通常外相體貌會顯現出「面容憔悴、黯淡無光澤、沒有精神、莫名虛弱、眼神呆滯、幻聽幻影、說話內容與環境和事實不符和、身體的動作突兀奇怪、內心害怕恐慌、有出走的行為、不敢走進正廟或貼有鎮宅符的房屋、嚴重者常有自殺念頭、。」邪靈和鬼靈入侵人體一般來說有四種原因: 健康、因緣、因果、凶宅。

健康: 除了身體不健康外,還有心靈的不健康。有些人因天生體質特殊,或因為環境因素導致神經敏感、又或者在疾病中比較敏感,重症之人也容易遭受邪靈惡靈的侵擾,邪靈惡靈會侵食正常人弱小時的靈神精氣。心靈常有邪念的人也容易遭受邪靈入侵來奪取靈神及精氣。

因緣: 人與某個靈體之間可能有些因緣,有一些鬼靈可能有些心願需要人幫忙,會找有因緣的人幫忙。有些鬼靈的產生是來自個人呼請鬼靈,通靈術,碟仙或通靈盤...等把鬼神邪靈召喚出來。還有些人以嬉鬧的心去闖兇惡之地招致邪靈纏身不良後果。

因果: 個人因當世或前世造作種種惡業被冤靈找上麻煩稱為冤親債主,冤親債主因個人的積欠惡業而來,在靈界是合法的討債。如果是此原因必須親臨廟宇請神靈幫助,用道法與冤親債主和解並超度之,強制驅離的方法無效。

凶宅或兇地: 凶險之地會有邪靈往往是這些住所或地點以前發生的不好事故喪命而靈魂不願離開,這些凶險之地的邪靈無法驅走是有其原因,不是用誦經或用法會就可以化解,應當避免去干擾避免惹禍上身。凶險之地必須請道教佛教資深法師協助做法會超度亡靈,或離開該凶險之地。





1. 驅邪的人必須身體健康強壯

2. 驅邪的人必須精神飽滿氣勢強盛

3. 身上必須帶有護身符

4. 驅邪的人心裡必須完全無畏懼,不偏想,專心持誦神佛菩薩名號、並持咒。

5. 法器使用須由小法開始如無效用再逐漸換較大法

6. 處理無效時必須請神靈幫忙或請道教佛教資深法師做法會處理



佛道教小法: 運用淨符及護身符

找屋外乾淨有日光可照到身體處,請改運者面向陽光抬頭站好,驅邪的人雙手合掌掌內放觀音淨符,意想身體發熱發,誠心請觀世音菩薩降臨,集中心智清楚有力的恭誦光明咒(六字大明咒)多次,唵嘛呢叭咪吽 (Om Ma Ni Bä Mê Hum),再用淨符拍打改運者背部三十次以上,後將淨符放在改運者身上即可。亦可手持有緣神明的護身符,集中心智恭請有緣神明降臨幫忙後,再用護身符拍打改運者背部三十次以上,直至受害者心智清醒,再將護身符掛在改運者身上。光明咒是觀世音菩薩微妙本心,光明咒淨符和正神的護身符都有驅魔避邪的功能​(此法經過有陰陽眼的人實證有效)

道教中法: 使用道教無極淨符敕身


  1. 找屋外乾淨有日光可照到身體處,請敕身改運者面向陽光抬頭自然站好(或坐好)

  2. 取七張無極淨符,字朝內將其縱向對折後稍微展長,用雙指夾住符尾在符頭處點火

  3. 施法者站在敕身改運者面前,展開雙臂呼請「無極天 眾神一同敕令淨身」

  4. 依順序在敕身改運者的:   1.頭部 2.胸前 3.腹部 4.左側上身5.左側下身6.右側上身7.右側下身 8.背部 9. 後側下身等 用燃火之無極淨符各畫三圈. 最後在敕身改運者後面用符令在 頭上敲三下 即完成

  5. 施法者動作需快以免手指燒傷,施法完成後須用火將符令完全燒化

  6. 符令灰燼不能倒在馬桶或汙水溝,最尊敬的倒法是灑到河川或溪流,或潑灑到戶外乾淨之處。

 此「道教無極淨符」已經過台中天母宮廟宇眾神明加持,繞過香爐已生效力,請盡量在一 年內使用。


道教重法: 天地掃驅邪 



1. 在小容器中放入「粗鹽」或「石鹽」再倒入一半生冷水一半熱開水,攪拌均勻準備好陰陽水。

2. 如果是清除屋內邪靈,在使用天地掃淨化前,一定要先提醒祖靈及家神讓開,對祂們來說天地掃是具有傷害性的。

3. 將長條狀淨符或護身符掛在手腕手持天地掃,用天地掃尾端沾陰陽水,在房間內揮灑出陰陽水,從屋內最裡面角落逐漸向外掃,可將外靈掃初門外。

4. 如果是清除卡在改運者身體的邪靈,用天地掃尾端沾陰陽水,灑向改運者身體前後上下即可。


道教加重法: 「鹽米淨水」

鹽米淨水含有炁及電解質、對具有炁及微電本質的靈體有如「電光火石」、可用來除煞、驅魔。鹽要用「粗鹽」、「石鹽」,盡量別用家裡的精鹽,白米則可以用廟裡有神明加持過的「平安米」。將鹽米裝入空碗,注入陰陽水(一半熱開水、一半生冷水)混合,做法時可口唸光明咒 (唵嘛呢叭咪吽 ) 直接用手指沾鹽米水向上揮灑,將鹽米水輝灑在家中各角落,可保宅內人員不受邪靈干擾。或灑向改運者身體前後上下即可。(此法經過有陰陽眼的人實證有效)





道教大法:​ 如前述方法無效則請資深大德法師或有聲譽的通靈者做法會超渡惡靈

佛教中法: 持誦佛經


佛教大法: 如前述方法無效則請請大德高僧做法會超渡惡靈

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