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​Haichin Bao Temple     雲林海清宮包公廟

Yama, King of the Hell. Bao Gong  閻羅天子包公

Bao Gong, also known as the King of Yama, is in charge of the Fifth Hall of Hell. During his lifetime, he was "Bao Zheng", a direct scholar of Longtu Pavilion during the Song dynasty, and he is a well-known black face man. Yama is the ruler of the underworld in folklore, in charge of life, death and reincarnation. In ancient Chinese folk beliefs, after death, a person would report to the underworld and be judged by Yama. The judgment of the King of Yama depends on the good and evil deeds of this person in life: the person who has accumulated good deeds and meritorious deeds during his lifetime, the King of Yama will make him a god, or give him a good afterlife; Punish or arrange a bad afterlife for bad deeds ones. This is karma. The King of Yama in Haiqing Palace has extremely strong spiritual power. Can deter all souls. Get rid of external spirits. Release mortals from the interference of evil spirits.  包公,即是閻羅天子亦稱閻羅王,掌管地獄第五殿。生前為宋仁宗時之龍圖閣直學士「包拯」,乃家喻戶曉之黑面包公。閻王是民間傳說中陰間的主宰,掌管人的生死和輪迴。在中國古代的民間信仰裡面,人死後要去陰間報到,接受閻王的審判。閻王的判決取決於此人生前行事的善惡:生前積德行善立功的人,閻王會讓他成為神仙,或者給他一個好的來世;生前行凶作惡的人,閻王會讓他下地獄,接受各種懲罰,或給他安排一個不好的來世。這是因果報應。 海清宮閻羅天子靈力極強。能威攝所有靈魂. 祛除外靈. 解除凡人受邪靈的干擾. 

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