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Worship for God

​拜 神

Worship for God   稟拜神明

World of Gods

More than 2,000 years of legends and physical science demonstrations in recent years have confirmed that there is a non-material world of Gods with high intelligence and strong consciousness in the universe. Palaces and temples are places where Taoist gods in the spiritual world communicate with people in the material world. The Gods of Taoism guide those who are destined to choose an appropriate place, and then gather all the people to build temple palaces to perform the tasks of the Gods.

The Purpose of the Gods Descending into the Human World

1. Educate the people, guide them to be kind, act in accordance with the moral norms, and make the society better.

2. To help the public remove karma, so that things can go smoothly, and all luck will turn for the better.

3. Help people get rid of the interference of evil spirits, restore their minds to normal, and restore their bodies to health.

4. Eliminate the people's disasters, help the people to be safe and healthy, and work properly and smoothly.

Different Gods have different specialties. In addition to the general blessings mentioned above, specific Gods have specific blessings such as;

Guan Yin Bodhisattva saves suffering, Demu, Lord of the Earth eliminates karma and cures spiritual diseases, Guan Gong helps justice in lawsuits, Yama, King of the Hell exorcises evil spirits and keeps believers safe, the God of Wealth bestow wealth, Mazu keeps believers safe, the Empress of Birth bestows children, the Third Prince exorcises evil spirits, and Ji Gong eliminates calamities, ...... and so on. It is more effective to find the right god to pray.

Basic Conditions for Asking God for Help

1. Before helping individuals, the Gods will see whether the person who asks him is worthy of help. The Gods will not help the unkind or over demanding.

2. The prayer must sincerely respect the Gods and deeply believe in the power of the Gods without suspicion. Sincerely pray for the help of the Gods, and the Gods will bless the believers.

3. God helps those who help themselves. In addition to the help of the Gods in the spiritual world, those who pray must also redouble their efforts to achieve their goals in the material world.

The Basic Practice of Human-God Interaction

1. The Gods are merciful. Basically, praying for help from the Gods does not require goods or other forms of return, but you must have a sincere heart.

2. If you are praying to Gods in the infinite world such as Jade Emperor, Sanqing Daozu, Sanguan Emperors, Demu, Lord of the Earth, WangMu Empress, or Buddhist Gods such as Buddha, Avalokitesvara, Medicine Buddha, etc., you should use flowers and fruits to worship to express your respect.

3. Worship to the Gods of the general upper realm such as Guan Gong, Wang Ye, Mazu, Ji Gong, Wealth God, etc. can be worshiped with meat and vegetarian food to express respect, and those oblation also worship the heavenly soldiers and generals together.

4. Generally, worship use 15-inch or 18-inch joss stick incense, or coil incense, or burn sandalwood powder to strengthen inspiration. Burning worship papers is mainly used to appreciate the heavenly soldiers and generals.

Buddhists believe that agarwood and sandalwood are sacred objects that can pass through the three realms, and can pass through gates and enlighten them. Sandalwood and agarwood are commonly used in Buddhism or Taoism. The aroma of agarwood is relatively calm, and the aroma of sandalwood is relatively scented. Both agarwood and sandalwood have a calming effect.




1. 教化民眾,引導民眾心向善良,行事作為合於道德規範,使社會更加美好。

2. 幫助民眾解除因果業障,行事能夠順利,一切運氣轉好。

3. 幫助民眾擺脫惡靈干擾,心智恢復正常,身體恢復健康。

4. 消除民眾流年災厄,幫助民眾平安健康,工作正當事業順利。




1. 神明在助人之前,會看求祂的人是否值得幫助。神明不會幫助不善良的人或過度要求的人。

2. 民眾必須誠心尊敬神靈並深度相信神靈能力,不可有疑心。真誠祈求神靈幫助,神靈便會賜福信眾。

3. 天助自助者,除了神靈在靈界的幫忙外,祈求的人也一定要加倍努力才能在物質世界達到目的。


1. 神靈是慈悲的基本上祈求神靈幫助不需有物品或其他形式的回報,但一定要有真誠的心。

2. 如果祈求的是無極界神靈如玉皇大帝,三清道祖,三官大帝,地母娘娘,王母娘娘,或佛界神靈如  佛祖觀世音菩薩,藥師佛等 應使用花果祭拜來表達敬意。

3. 祭拜一般上界神明如 關公,王爺,媽祖,濟公,土地公等可用葷食及素食祭拜來表達敬意外也一同祭拜天兵天將。

4. 拜神用香一般用15吋或18吋拜香,或環香,或燃檀香粉來加強靈感。拜金紙主要用來答謝天兵天將。


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