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Magical Talisman

​平 安 符 籙

The Magic of Talisman   平安符籙

Guanyin Exorcism Talisman

Guanyin Exorcism Talisman, also known as the Bodhisattva "Six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra" “Om ma ni pad me hum”  (唵、嘛、呢、叭、咪、吽). It is also referred as the most adapted and popular mantra to repel the negative energy, deflect evil influences, and turn away harm under the belief of Buddhism, Toism, and Asian folk religions.

The Guanyin talisman is a commonly practiced ritual in the Eastern tradition, as a good luck sacred, to ward off bad luck, protect yourself from misfortune influences and/or of apotropaic properties to avert harm. The most common practice is to paste the Guanyin Talisman on front of your door or all entrances to create a protective barrier between your house and the outside evils.

Paper Guanyin Talisman Using Instruction

as a Barrier:

Paste the Guanyin Talisman paper on the top of the front door or wall beside the front door to create a protective barrier between your house and the outside evils.

consume the Exorcism Water:

Burn the Guanyin talisman and then cast its ashes into the water mixture of boiled hot water and raw cold water to create "yin-yang water"(Exorcism Water).
Use the yin-yang water for exorcism and improve positive energy around your surroundings. It can also be consumed or used to cleanse the “impurities” to calm anxiety and strengthen the spirit. The ying-yang water can also be casted together with a holy instrument, such as Tiandesau "universe sweeper", calamus, lemongrass, peach branch, wormwood, moss, or banyan leaves for improved potency. Please respectfully dispose the remaining water into a river or outside ground.

How to use the card-type Guanyin talisman:

It is mainly used for carrying with you. You can put the card-type Guanyin talisman in your wallet or purse to keep you safe. If you feel uneasy when you go out for accommodation or in the ward, you can take out the talisman and put it on the bedside. It can expel evil spirits. If you are driving in the wilderness late at night, you can take out the talisman and put it under the front window to ensure safe driving.

How to use laminated Guanyin Talisman:

It is mainly used for residential safety. The laminated Guanyin talisman can be pasted vertically on the side wall of the front door, or on the wall facing the front door in the lobby. The wall must be clean, and the laminated Guanyin Talisman can be pasted vertically on the wall. The pasting height must be higher than the height of everyone in the house, so as to prevent evil spirits from invading the house and protect the safety of the home. Please do not paste the Guanyin talisman in bed room for the reason of respectation.

Wuji Exorcism Talisman (Infinity Talisman)

Commonly practiced ritual in the Taoism religion, as a good luck sacred, to ward off bad luck, protect you from misfortune influences of evil spirits.

In addition to the similar effect of Guanyin talisman, Wuji talisman is often used to as an intensified blessing of its Deity to protect and exorcise of the victim. The Wuji talisman is intended to repel the negative energy, deflect evil influences, and turn away harm; and more specifically, restore the souls (三魂七魄 , Three souls and Seven vigors) of the victim to improve the mental and bodily health, and the good luck.

Yama Protecting Talisman

It is specially used for the safety of the house. The Yama Protecting Talisman can be pasted vertically on the wall facing the front door of the lobby. The wall must be clean. The height need to above all people in the house. It can drive the evil spirits out of the house, prevent evil spirits from invading the house, and protect the safety of the family and the home.


All selling talisman are blessed by related Gods from the temples . There are also some taboos that need to be paid attention to!

Do not get close to dirty object, no damage, no wash, do not drill through the crotch, if you violate the taboo, you should return it to the original temple for replacing or incinerate.

Don't pull it, don't damage it intentionally, if you want to engage in strenuous exercise, you can put it in the wallet first.

The validity period of the talisman is generally 1-3 years, and the talisman that has passed the "validity period" should not be thrown away at will. Expired or damaged talisman must be incinerated in a clean place outside the house. Let ashes blow off naturally or run under running water.


Our talismans are obtained from the most representative temples in Taiwan with the consent of the gods. and blessed by the Gods of each temple. The talismans of each temple have the same divine power. Most of our net income from selling talisman will be give back to the temple for palace maintenance or charitable purposes.






此「六字真言淨符」已經過廟宇眾神明加持,繞過香爐已生效力,請盡量在一 年內使用。


主要用於隨身攜帶可將名片型淨符放在皮夾或皮包內保平安. 外出住宿或住病房時如心神感覺不安,可將護身符拿出放在床頭,可驅除邪靈。如深夜在荒郊野地開車,可將淨符拿出放在前窗下,可保護駕駛平安




道教無極淨符的使用方法除了和觀音淨符一 樣:懸掛、攜帶、淨符水「陰陽水」,功效一樣。此外還常用於呼請相關神明,敕身信徒驅趕附於信徒身上的邪靈讓信徒回復健全的三魂七魄改善心靈和身體的健康,運途順遂。







符咒有效期一般為1-3年 ,過了「有效期限」的符咒不可隨意亂丟。




我們的護身符咒是由台灣最具代表性的廟宇經神明同意後取得. 並由各廟宇過火及眾神加持,各宮廟的符咒都有神效。我們銷售護身符及符咒的盈餘將絕大部分用來回饋維護廟宇及作慈善公益用。

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