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​Tenmu Temple     台中天母宮地母廟

Demu Mother Lord of the Earth   無極虛空地母娘娘

Demu Mother Lord of the Earth who dominates the earth, mountains and rivers, and is juxtaposed with the Jade Emperor God who dominates the heavens. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that "the sky is Yang and the earth is Yin, and the sky is male and the earth is the female". Godhead is supremely sublime. Commonly known as "Demu Empress". In the Taoist system, the Earth Mother is respected as the "Boundless Void Demu Mother Lord." Taiwanese Taoism believes that the Demu Mother Lord is originally Tao-Universe united, which has a creative function, is kindness, and cares about the birth and life of the people. The belief and worship of the Demu Mother Lord of the Earth is to pray for the blessings of the merciful and merciful Demu Mother, so as to help the people to overcome calamities and save the world, and to get happiness from suffering. 


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