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Ebony Buddha beads
Ebony wood is one of the precious woods. It is called the top of mahogany along with Indian rosewood and Hainan huanghuali wood. Ebony wood is only produced in Indonesia and is called a national treasure by Indonesia. Nowadays there are many styles of wooden bracelets. The bracelets are also known as beads, beads, mantra beads, beads, prayer beads, etc. However, the common name is Buddha beads, because they have the effect of chanting Buddha or mantras, reminding Taoism, long-term Wearing it also means that the Bodhisattva keeps safe and is deeply loved by people!
The authentic ebony bracelets with painted black wooden beads are called ebony. The quiet and fragrant qi emitted by the ebony Buddha beads is very beneficial to the functions of the human heart, liver and kidney; during the fumigation process, the ebony wood will release beneficial bactericidal components, which can purify the air . Sandalwood oil can be extracted from ebony wood. Sandalwood oil has the effects of removing heat, refreshing and smoothing the skin and forehead. It has special medicinal effects on skin and limb diseases such as mosquito bites.
Ebony Buddha beads have the effect of warding off evil. Ebony is a kind of sandalwood, sandalwood has always been related to Buddhism. The wood of sandalwood is hard, non-toxic, fragrant and long-lasting, so it is considered a mascot that can ward off evil spirits. Ebony wood has always been beloved by many dignitaries in ancient my country, and it is often worn as ornaments or as items in town houses for safety and auspiciousness.

Ebony Buddha beads -bracelet 13pcs

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