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※Commonly used scriptures in temple ceremonies
Covering: 16K hardcover round back
Specification: ↑26×19cm
Note: With transparent book cover and book case


brief introduction

   The original name of "Golden Mountain Imperial System Liang Huangbao Repentance" was "Compassion Dojo Repentance", which is a ritual for repenting sins and eliminating disasters and saving the dead. The legend was formulated by Emperor Wu of Liang to rescue his wife Xi who was reborn as a python after his death.
The ten volumes of "Liang Huangbao Repentance" contain many Buddhist classic chapters and sentences, and 1,275 names of Buddhas are recorded from the Scriptures. The merits are outstanding. It is the largest and longest circulating repentance method in the upper part of Chinese Buddhist history. King of” reputation.
As long as you follow this confession method, practice rituals, and repent like the law, you can make people feel slow, agitated, jealous and greedy, and can also develop compassion for the poor, sick and helpless beings, and never forget everything. Bodhicitta!

Jinshan imperial Lianghuang Baozhen (all ten volumes)

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