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※Commonly used scriptures for temple pujas
Covering: 16K hardcover round back
Specification: ↑26×19cm
Note: Attached book cover, book box


brief introduction

      The Lotus Sutra is the Dharma spoken by the Buddha during the last eight years of his life. It has a total of 28 grades and more than 60,000 characters. The main purpose of the Sutra is to explain the main reason why the Buddha appeared in the world. They can understand the knowledge and views of the Buddha, and aim to become a Buddha.
  The Lotus Sutra is the most important classic in Mahayana Buddhism. It captures all the teachings, so it is called Yuanjiao, also known as the "king of the sutra".
The Lotus Sutra speaks of the breadth of all sentient beings and affirms that everyone is a future Buddha. By taking advantage of Bodhisattva's concrete practice and not daring to underestimate anyone, it establishes the concept that all sentient beings can become Buddhas in the future and fully embody the Buddha's original intention of transforming the world. .

Mahayana Lotus Sutra (all seven volumes)

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